Monday, April 28, 2008

Parental Angst

Everyone has heard of the mind-buck of being the parent of teens. Just before it happens there is hardly a foreshadow, in fact one can hardly imagine it... Yet it very well could happen, and in some cases linger a life time.

If I had an answer I would be writing it here.


Thomas McGonigle said...

was going through the paper address books to merge..and decided to Google... happy to see you are still about. i remember your life on show in NYC 80s... i too have the teenagers: boy 17 fifth Form Groton School, the daughter now 20 finishing second year at Vanderbilt still in the city adjunct in English at John Jay part of CUNY.. still writing..
all the best do you still exhibit your life?

Robert L. Seltman said...

The Narcissistic Prima donna (title of my show series back in he 80's) is still live and self-absorbed in Japan. There are many subtle differences in the work, though perhaps consistent with my generation of receding hairlines. There is a brutal awareness and a clinging to the possibility of relevance. Our observations are perhaps worth something, this hope that wisdom is real and we are capable of it.